Grass-Fed, Sustainable, Delicious

Yates family farm wausau merrill grass fed beef

Grass-Fed Beef, also known as pasture raised beef is a true slow food. Raised on grass in a sustainable manner, the animals at Yates Family Farm are carefully and humanely raised to provide the best tasting, highest quality beef available.

Humanely grazing beef for 12 years, on rich pastures east of Merrill, WI.

When someone asks you where this delicious meat came from, you can honestly say from a small farm in Merrill, Wisconsin. You have the assurance that our beef contains no growth hormones of steroids.

Yates Family Farm Grass-Fed beef is raised humanely, with freedom to roam on rich pastures, and access to high quality feed and water. Typically it takes 18-24 months to raise high quality cattle like our grass fed beef. We use Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) practices, which means the animals go to new pasture areas every few days. This method is sustainable to our environment, and results in a leaner, better tasting beef.

If you like to know where your beef comes from, and the health benefits that come with grass fed, please give us a call.

Thank you, 
Jim & Melissa Yates 


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