Why is Grass-Fed beef best?

Grass fed calfAccording to Jo Robinson in Why Grass-fed is Best!, there are many health benefits. For example, Grass-Fed Beef:

  • Can be as lean as a boneless, skinless chicken breast.
  • contains 2-6 times more Omega 3 fatty acids (commonly found in seafood).
  • can have 4 times more Vitamin E than grained meat.
And the taste is delicious, fresh, and tender.

For more information on Grass-Fed Beef or how to cook it, go to:



Reasons for Buying Grass Fed Beef

Purchasing beef by the mixed quarter, half, or whole is more convenient than buying beef in the store.

  • Grass Fed Beef Steer better tasting meatYou will save money. A choice cut in the store could cost around $6.99 – $15.99 a pound. Our beef is only $2.49/lb, plus processing.
  • You can chose what cuts you would like from the beef all at one time, instead of ordering cuts every week, or buying the cuts the grocery store thinks everyone wants.
  • When someone asks you where this delicious meat came from, you can honestly say: a small farm in Merrill, Wisconsin, not a feedlot where most of America’s beef comes from. You have the assurance that our beef contains no growth hormones or steroids.
  • Our grass-fed beef is raised humanely, with freedom to roam on rich pastures, and access to high quality feed and water. We use MIG (Management Intensive Grazing) practices, where the animals go to a new pasture every couple of days, which is sustainable to our environment.



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